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Are you a talented artist wanting to deliver your art work with high quality suitable frame ? We have wide range of framing options available with us. We feature some of the artists on Facebook for whom we do framing. We also sell art pieces in our shop at Bentleigh. For more info, please Contact Us.

Robyn Brand


Living and working in Melbourne, Robyn Brand can often be found tucked away in her studio creating her latest commissioned piece or preparing for her next solo or group exhibitions. She started working as an artist 26 years ago and in those years she has worked with ceramics, Glass, Sculpture, Mosaics and settling on Paint as her chosen form of expression. Sold in artists garden, crowded house gallery and the real craft thing. Robyn also handles private art orders.

Robyn has concentrated on painting for the last 18 years, working with soft pastels, acrylic, charcoal, hard pastels & water colour. Her passion for colour is the driving force behind her works of art. "It moves and inspires me."

Jen Tumiati

Artist 10

I am a self-taught, Australian artist currently living and working in Bayside, Melbourne, Victoria.

I thoroughly enjoy working with colours and strive to create unique and vibrant pieces. My creative ritual begins with an idea of colour & carefully selecting a combination of colours that instil a feeling of energy and vibrancy. I paint freely, with no fix idea, no aim other than to create something beautiful.

My works have sold worldwide and can be found in both public & private collections. I also exhibit & sell through internet, which I find an excellent avenue, open to everyone; and convenient too.

I welcome commission requests and I am honoured and overjoyed by the buyers who decide to purchase my art to display in their homes.

Everyday is a chance to create something new.

Amanda Krantz

Amanda art framed by Moorabbin Picture Framing

I'm an artist (a painter mostly) and I live and work from my studio in Melbourne, Australia. I started painting full-time in 2004, and was coincidently about the time when an art market appeared on the internet.

I think of my work as organic-psychedelia. They are familiar representations of ecology, but not quite of this world. I’m drawn to the universality of patterns found in nature. From the micro to the macro, or the way a coral reef in northern Queensland harbours the same organic patterns as fungi in the alpine tundra in Tasmania. It results in an extrapolation of imaginings of what could lie beyond our knowledge, in interplanetary or inter-dimensional worlds, or the less frequently visited known worlds such as that of moss, fungi and entomology; places of bonsai-ed beauty that play with our scale perception, and evokes a sense of nostalgic fantasy.

My process is underpinned by a playful exploration of materials. The fluidity of paints are life-like, and my relationship with them is symbiotic. I often act merely as a facilitator to the materials’ natural ability to create chaotic and randomly beautiful effects. And with the further use of gravity and heat, I employ nature in an attempt to mimic nature. It’s a scientific process, executed organically, creating science fictional and psychedelic landscapes, and quasi-alien life.

Sobrane Simcock

Artist 9

Sobrane takes us on an exciting journey with a visual narrative that explores the quiet beauty of freedom and happiness through some of nature’s most charming species of birds, each with a unique story, journey and adventure. Always in sync with nature and attuned to the call of the wild, Sobrane gathers inspiration from all walks of nature, beginning in the isolated wilderness of the Kimberly region of Western Australia where she hails from.

Sobrane was born and bred in Southern West Australia on a farm at East Manjimup near the Perup Reserve and was always surrounded by the wilderness. This inculcated in her a deep compassion for nature and will later have a huge influence in her work as an artist. She received her education at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University in Stage and Studio Design. Six years ago, she moved to the big city of Melbourne. Armed with an Emerging Artists Fund Grant and having just exhibited her first solo exhibition, she set up a big studio in the heart of Melbourne’s Art scene and started painting.

Since then, Sobrane has had many solo artistic exhibitions around Australia, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle. She served an artist residency in China and Malaysia.

Adoni Astrinakis

Wholesale Canvas Stretching

Adoni Astrinakis was born in Tasmania and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. For a few years after college, Adoni became CEO of a national fast food chain that he turned profitable after several years. Not feeling fulfilled by the business world, he sold the business and decided to focus his efforts on painting.

Always inspired by pop culture, Adoni set out to paint a portrait of Bob Dylan. After posting it on Facebook and Instagram, Adoni very quickly started receiving inquires for subsequent commissions. In his minimalist style, Adoni has painted icons such as Twiggy, Paul Newman, Tom Ford, Elvis, and Grace Kelly.

Adoni will be exhibited three piece from his "27 Club" collection: Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. The term "27 Club" refers to a number of popular musicians who died at age 27.

Caroline Bournon

Melbourne Picture Framing

We are Driven by Design. In every sense of the world, we're DRIVEN to make everything beautiful - eye-catching - purposeful - powerful.

Creative Director & Resident Artist Caroline Bournon has launched into offering beautiful contemporary, stylish & inspired abstract Prints + Paintings. Why not take a look?

Cliff Macalpine

Picture Framing Sandringham

I am what might be called a “late blooming” artist. Whilst I’ve been drawing all of my adult life, it is only in the last five years that I have begun to explore how far this could be taken. So – here I am, in my late sixties discovering just how beautiful the world can be – and trying to communicate this to you.

My artistic mission is to reveal to you, the beauty in ordinary things that you may not otherwise observe. Sometimes this can be done by revealing detail. Sometimes it can be done by showing you a tiny part of a larger object. This can only be successful, if you choose to look and to see.

I work almost entirely in pencil, either graphite or coloured, or in combination. This medium is exquisite (to me) in the way it allows me to explore the hidden beauty I seek to reveal. I don’t feel that I have gone anywhere near the capacities this medium has.

My subjects are very often around trees or timber. Timber is something for which I have always had an affinity. It’s tactile, textured, tells stories and is almost always beautiful. A consequence of this is that my subjects tend to be unconventional; perhaps a little left field.

I almost always work from photos I have taken myself. Very often, I will focus on a small portion of that image and enlarge it to see what becomes revealed. I never aim to reproduce the photo. Why would you when you have the photo anyway? I try and be guided by the colours and textures revealed. At some stage in the process, I inevitably stop referring to the source and be guided entirely by what is beginning to appear on the paper.

I’ve shown at numerous community art exhibitions. I’ve sold through these and privately. I’ve been awarded a number of times, including a Best in Show.

I hope you enjoy what I do. I know I delight in doing it!

Lorie May

Lorie May Canvas Framing

Lorie May is a self-taught artist who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Although trained as a Primary teacher, her natural interest in Visual Arts lead her to become a Visual Arts teacher. She has now been teaching Visual Arts for twenty years and is currently employed at an Independent girl’s school in Melbourne.

In 2008, Lorie was diagnosed with a sarcoma tumour. Although she feels this does not define her, her cancer diagnosis became her primary source of inspiration to paint; allowing the many layers of emotions to unfold on canvas.

Lorie’s artwork is characterised by vibrant colours, texture, layers of paint and bold compositions; inviting the viewer to look deeper than the surface. Her works are deeply personal and gestural, evoking a sense of wonder and a distinct ability to express a fleeting moment of time; reminiscent of the abstract expressionist movement.

An emerging artist, Lorie has exhibited her artwork in local cafes and exhibitions and currently has her work available in interior design stores such as Mood Home Brighton and The Natural Room in Hampton. She has also been commissioned to do works for private residences in Melbourne.

Beth Gibbeson

Canvas Stretching Services Melbourne

Beth Gibbeson is an artist currently living in Melbourne. Her current series of paintings titled ‘Suburban landscapes’ are mostly oil on canvas, consisting of many layers of built up colour, shape, form and line work that is carefully blended and worked together.

“After I feel my painting is finished, I can’t help myself but want to mess it up a bit.” At this stage Beth adds her line work over her paintings to give the works another dimension. “I very delicately but spontaneously paint my line work, which interestingly enough brings it all together”.

It’s the suburban landscapes/ environment that Beth feels continuously compelled to explore her relationship with.

“My surrounds are visually filled with every form or shape and layer so deliberately placed. This is my landscape. It’s interestingly orchestrated. I paint this. I paint how I re-act to it as well as interpret it.”

Beth completed a Bachelor and Honours in Fine Arts Painting at RMIT. She also holds a Diploma in Interior Design, and a Dip Ed in Education.

Beth has recently come back to her painting after many years of developing her Photographic work.

Danielle Robertson

Picture Framing Bentleigh

Elton John and Burnie Taupin original soundtrack of the movie. The album was delisted circa 1975, and is very rare. Album cover is held by "Archieval Corners" and the record itself is held by a stainless steel bolt.

Elton John and Burnie Taupin original soundtrack of the movie. The album was delisted circa 1975, and is very rare. Album cover is held by "Archieval Corners" and the record itself is held by a stainless steel bolt.